Benzene in Liquid Supplements

Is Your Liquid Health Supplement Harming You?

Benzene a Potent Carcinogen

WARNING - DO NOT buy Commercial  Liquid Fruit Juice  Supplements Before  Reading This IMPORTANT BENZENE INFORMATION!


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Cancer forming benzene recorded at high levels in so called health drinks!
Liquid juice blends commonly use Sodium Benzoate or Benzoic Acid as preservatives. Research shows that these two preservatives combined with Ascorbic Acid produce dangerous levels of Benzene. Reference http://www.benzene411.org

What the government says about Benzene:
The maximum contaminant level of benzene in drinking water is 5 ppb. The National Primary Drinking Water Regulations promulgated by EPA in 1987 set a maximum contaminant level for benzene of 0.005 ppm (5 ppb). This regulation is based on preventing benzene leukemogenesis.

http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/HEC/CSEM/benzene/standards_regulations.html http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/HEC/CSEM/benzene/casestudy_pretest.html
http://www.benzene-illness.com/ http://www.benzenehelpcenter.org/

Is Your Liquid Health Drink Harming You?
Ask your juice beverage supplier to show “Benzene Free Documentation” before consuming the product!
READ THE SUPPLEMENT FACTS - dangerous levels of benzene are produced from juices that contain preservatives such as

Sodium Benzoate and Ascorbic Acid which causes benzene to form in the product.

Advice for users of liquid health juice...

“What are we to tell consumers? ‘Product contains cancer-causing substance, drink immediately, do not store in a warm environment or near sunlight?' Preferably benzoate should not be used in combination with Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or added juice,” said a scientist involved in industry testing for benzene 15 years ago.

Glen Lawrence, a scientist who helped the FDA understand the chemical reaction in drinks back then, agreed that sodium benzoate and vitamin C should not be used together. “It is really very easy to avoid the problem,” he said, "simply don't eat or drink any food or drink which has a preservative added to it!"

When vitamin C in your drink can cause cancer.

Unfortunately, many people drink soft drinks instead of water and consume so called health juice supplement drinks thinking they're doing their health good. You may already know how terrible many of these soft drink beverages are for you health. Even if it's one of the heavily advertised sugar-free drinks, the artificial sweeteners can create major problems. There's no evidence that using them helps you lose weight nor that they enhance health in any way. Some chemicals, such as aspartame, can damage your neurons.

But now there's an even BIGGER reason to avoid soft drinks and commercial health juices. Many of these drinks have sodium benzoate as an ingredient. It's a common preservative you'll find in many processed foods. Food manufacturers typically use sodium benzoate in acidic foods because it controls bacteria, mold, yeasts, and other microbes. In addition to soft drinks, you'll find it in liquid juices, pickles, salad dressings, and jams and commercial liquid health juices. You'll also find it in your car's anti-freeze, as it also inhibits corrosion.

By itself, there's no evidence the preservative causes any problems in people. However, when you mix sodium benzoate with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), a chemical reaction occurs. It turns the mixture into benzene.

Benzene is a proven carcinogen and is associated with leukemia!!!

In an effort to make their drinks more nutritious, many soft drink manufacturers are adding vitamin C to their drinks in the form of ascorbic acid. You'll also find the same problem with naturally occurring vitamin C in many bottled health juice drinks.

How bad is the problem? The FDA recently tested 84 drink products including health drinks and found that 54 of them had some detectable benzene. And some had levels as high as 79.2 ppb. Federal rules specify less than 5 ppb in drinking water. But there's no legal limit on benzene in drinkable fluids other than water. Isn't that a bit strange? In 2001, California published information that manufacturers should keep benzene levels below 0.15 ppb.

The soft drink industry is quietly moving to do something about it. That's about 15 years too late. Testing in 1990 first revealed that some diet soft drinks may contain benzene.

Action to take: This is not a small thing, although the so-called experts will try to tell you that there's no harm at these benzene levels. But there is no safe level of benzene! No one is talking about how it reacts with other carcinogens in your body, which could be a serious problem. We already know it reacts with healthy substances like vitamin C.

There is a solution. Eliminate ALL processed foods and unnatural health drinks which contain sodium benzoate or benzoic acid.

ALL moist or liquid processed foods have chemicals in them for preservation. These preservatives when combined with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) may damage your health permanently.

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