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Making it Safe for our Children

Parenting - The Light of the New Earth

By Dr Blair Barone

“If you can make the planet safe for them, they will come.” This was the only request regarding the Crystal children’s arrival on earth shared by the Group during a channeling with Steven Rother in 1996. As the mother to a Crystal Child and a child psychologist, I’ve pondered the children’s request for some time now. Wondering what does “make it safe” mean? What isn't safe on planet earth? And why is safety so necessary for them that they would make such a request? While others emphasize the crystal children’s need for the planet to be loving and not operating out of fear, that doesn’t necessarily explain the crystal children’s use of the word “safe”. While love and a lack of fear are also in dire need on the planet, I believe there is another concern here. My curiosity as a mother and a child psychologist has led me to come up with a theory as to what “safe” means and why these children need the planet to conform to this standard. I’d like to share this with you.

The Safe Planet
According to some standards, there has never been a better time in the history of “childhood” to be growing up than today. We have become a child-centric society. No longer are children just seen, now they are heard, too. Today’s children have hospitals, clinics, specialists, schools and professionals to serve their unique needs. Today’s children now have rights, laws, and government agencies devoted to protecting them from the abuse that was commonplace during the “spare the rod…” era. Today’s children now have food that is specifically fortified and enriched with vitamins and minerals to help them grow strong in many ways. Long gone are the wooden blocks and homemade toys of childhood past. Today we have toy blocks made out of heavy duty plastic that squeak, ring, sing, dance, recite the alphabet and are now made somewhere on the other side of the world. There are now EPA's, CDC's, AMA's and FDA's to protect our children from harm. And today’s medical technology is nothing short of miraculous.

So, if there has never been a better time in history to be a child than today, what is it that the Crystal children are trying to tell us in their message to “make it safe” for them?

The Unsafe Planet
There is another side to this rosy picture of childhood that has not been given enough attention in this day and age. A side in which a child’s mind, body and soul has been greatly compromised: childhood disease. In spite of how glamorized childhood has become in 2005, childhood disease is epidemic in our society today. Sad but true. Consider these concerning facts about childhood 2005 in the USA:

  • Over 12 million children under the age of 18, or 1 in 4 (or 17%) have 1 or more developmental disabilities.
  • Nationwide, the number of children classified with a learning disability and placed in special education programs increased 191% between 1977 and 1994
  • US News and World Report reported that the number of children in New York City classified with learning disabilities rose 55 percent between 1983 and 1996.
  • 5 to 7 % of all school-aged children today are diagnosed with ADHD.
  • Office visits to the pediatrician concerning ADHD have increased 90% in the past six years.
  • The number of children taking the drug Ritalin for ADHD has doubled every four to seven years since 1971.
  • Autism has increased by nearly 300% in some parts of the USA in the last decade.
  • Nearly 40% of children under the age of 18 meet diagnostic criteria for at least one psychiatric disorder.
  • Nearly six million children (almost 10%) suffer from asthma, and rates have been rapidly increasing over the last several decades making this condition a public health crisis.
  • From 1980 to 1996 the prevalence of asthma increased 400% with children under five years of age experiencing the highest rate of increase.
  • Between 1985 and 1995 there was a 249% increase in gun-related murders committed by juveniles.
  • The National Center for Juvenile Justice anticipates that the number of youths arrested for violent crimes could more than double by the year 2010.
  • Between 1975 and 2000, the incidence of childhood cancer has escalated as much as 32% overall: acute lymphocytic leukemia, 57%; brain cancer 50%; kidney cancer, 48; and bone cancer, 29%.
  • The number one cause of death of children in the USA today is cancer, replacing every day “accidents”.

By now you’re probably asking yourself: “How could there be all these sick children? Where did all this disease come from?” And, of course, “why?” For a clue to the answer to these questions you need to look no further than below your feet – planet Earth. Each element of our planet’s beauty, from the soil, water and air, are wrinkled, pocked, and scarred. Mother Earth has holes in her ozone, global warming, toxic landfills, acid rain, L.A. smog, polluted lakes, rivers and oceans, extinct species, and her rainforests are vanishing.

With the development of modern technology that has made childhood what it is today, has come a cost. Over the past 50 years nearly 100,000 synthetic chemicals and over 4 million distinct chemical compounds have been developed and are now used in all products. As a result, there are now chemicals and toxins in the food our children eat, the air our children breathe, the water they drink, and the land where they play and make mud pies. Earth and man have become polluted.

Children are particularly vulnerable to the hazards of toxic chemicals. Their organs and systems are in the process of growing and developing. Because of the rate at which children’s organs develop, leaving some more vulnerable than others, the effects of exposure to toxins can vary dramatically depending on the exact timing of the exposure. For instance, small exposures that would have no noticeable effect at most stages of development can produce devastating and permanent damage if the exposure occurs during a “window of vulnerability,” when certain organs are developing more rapidly.

I’m sure many of you believe that the chemicals used in today’s products have met certain “safety” standards before making their way to market. This certainly seems like a logical policy to adhere to. However, under our current regulatory system, industrial chemicals need not be tested for toxicity before they are marketed. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that there are over 4,000 industrial chemicals on the market that are neurotoxins (dangerous to the developing brain and nervous system). Research has repeatedly shown that pesticides cause neurological disorders; including hyper-activity in laboratory animals after a single exposure and that a child’s risk to leukemia increases four to seven times if pesticides are used in a home garden. But, in spite of these alarming findings, according to Consumer Report Magazine in February 1988, many of the fruits and vegetables that we eat in this country carry pesticide residue that exceeds the limits the EPA considers safe for children. In fact, the pesticide residue is so high that even one serving of fruits or vegetables can exceed safe daily limits for young children. While most pesticides are tested before being put on the market, they are not tested for their neurotoxicity to the nervous system. Unfortunately, our children’s exposure to these dangerous neurotoxins doesn’t stop at the dinner plate. In 1997 it was reported that nearly a billion pounds of known neurotoxins were released directly into the air and water. I imagine that this amount has doubled since then.

Similarly, research has long reported the hazards associated with the use of the toxin fluoride, including the development of ADHD. Many people are unaware that fluoride is a dangerous toxin, especially to children. Yet, fluoride continues to be added to our municipal waters, toothpaste, bottled water, processed foods, juices, and even children’s vitamins, in spite of the fact that research has never proved that ingesting fluoride prevents tooth decay.

Toxic levels of mercury are now at epidemic levels among children in our country. Nearly 700,000 children are born each year with blood-mercury levels considerably higher than is considered “safe.” Mercury has long been recognized as a serious neuro-toxin (affects the brain) and toxic levels are known to cause depression, erratic behavior, and mood swings. Yet government policies to reduce the leading source of mercury exposure in our environment have been disregarded. Instead of mercury emissions in the USA being reduced due to health concerns regarding our nation’s children, mercury emissions have been allowed to sharply increase for at least the next decade.

Unfortunately, there is little public awareness regarding how chemically toxic our world, homes, schools, and playgrounds have become. At the same time, there is even less awareness among health professionals regarding the relationship between exposure to chemicals, including neurotoxins, and the epidemic development of neurological, cognitive, behavioral, learning, medical, psychiatric and emotional problems in children.

As I study the information on the pervasiveness of how toxic our world has become, I can appreciate the crystal children’s request for a “safe” planet. The statistics on childhood disease and the hazardous “unsafe” neurotoxins in our world speak for themselves. They are a wake-up call to us all. Our planet is in danger of becoming a waste land. Millions of plant, marine and animal life have become extinct or are on the endangered species list. And regardless of whether we want to admit it or not, so are we.

I hope when you look at the picture I have painted here of the planet: the good, the bad and the ugly, the crystal children’s choice of the word “safe” has become more meaningful to you as well. These children have a special and scared mission at this time. And in order for them to come here and shine, certain conditions are necessary on this planet to sustain their lives so that they may fulfill their purpose. Just as a particular flower requires a certain alkalinity or acidity of the soil to grow, so too is the same true for these children and their light.

A healthy physical form is key to anchoring the crystal children’s highest vibration on this planet. A healthy body free of disease and damage to the nervous system will be able to hold and ground the crystalline energy in this dimension. Whereas a body that has disease and damage to the nervous system will not be able to do so and the children’s light will fragment across dimensions.

In the words of Gandhi, “Non-cooperation with evil is the most sacred task”, and I believe that this is true for those of us who are parents and caregivers to the new children of the earth. As parents and caregivers we hold the greatest potential to reduce our children’s exposure to hazardous chemicals and neurotoxins and the risk of detrimental consequences to their health. We can do this by keeping chemicals and neurotoxins of all varieties out of our children’s bodies and the environments in which they live, learn and play. It is our most sacred task as parents and caregiver to “make the planet safe” so that these children “will come” and fulfill their most sacred task, too.

To be continued in Part II: Parenting the Light of the New Earth...


Dr. Blair Barone has over 20 years of experience when it comes to understanding and helping children with various life challenges. Formerly a Senior Supervising Pediatric Clinical Psychologist at Boston Children's Hospital in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and an Associate in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, she has evaluated and treated thousands of children from around the country and the world with a range of developmental, behavioral, medical, neurological, and psychological issues. She has also been interviewed for numerous newspapers and televisions programs including CBS Up to the Minute and has lectured at numerous local, national and international professional conferences regarding her research and treatment approaches with children and adolescents.

In addition to child advocacy, Dr. Barone is devoted to increasing compassionate awareness and humane education of animals. She uses her pet rabbit, Curtis, as a co-therapists in her therapeutic work with children. She has been involved in numerous state and national animal rights campaigns and has served on the Board of Directors to several humane societies.

Dr. Barone now lectures on topics related to holistic parenting and children's environmental health. She is in the process of writing a parenting book which details a model of child development based on the chakra system. A co-leader to the South Florida/Palm Beach Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network, and on the Advisory Panel's to various organizations including The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP), Dr. Barone, a Reiki Master, is grateful to be the mother of her beloved Crystal son, Baron, who keeps her mindful of what she needs to share with other parents.

  Amazing Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

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