Sorting mineral fact from mineral fiction. Debunking the myths about essential trace minerals

Minerals and More Minerals

Essential Trace Elements and Minerals

Much controversy and debate surrounds the subject of minerals. investigates and looks closely into the subject of minerals, what's essential, what's not? Trace elements/minerals, what do we know about them, just how essential are trace elements for soil health and more importantly, human health?

Google Minerals

If you google the word minerals, you will be inundated with literally millions of websites making all sorts of often far fetched claims for minerals. The vast majority of the claims in relation to minerals and trace elements, are market orientated, speculative, unsubstantiated and quite frankly, dead wrong! Trying to get to the truth of the mineral matter may well become an overwhelming assault on your patience and credulity. Mineral misinformation is rife on the Internet!


We're cutting through the hype and lies to bring the facts to you!


Minerals in Many Forms

Minerals, to the uninitiated, obviously must come in many forms. A net search will reveal the words - colloidal, elemental, essential, ionic, chelated, organic, plant, inorganic, trace, metallic, sea, fulvic, volcanic, pure, leached, composted, glacial, rock, coral, ancient and liquid, - ALL associated with minerals and health.  All these claims... what do we believe... who do we believe... what minerals do we actually need in our daily diets? WOW! What a minefield of minerals! (No pun intended)


Minerals Come From Mines?

Most people would associate minerals with mines. Minerals are mined... right! Minerals come from rocks... right! We all know that... don't we? However, when we talk about nutrition, mined minerals have nothing to do with the subject. Minerals available for the body to assimilate are in our food, or rather, meant to be in our food. (That's debatable!!) They're called essential minerals because they sustain animal life! Although minerals are required for healthy plant life, plants can compensate and appear to be healthy yet be lacking completely in trace elements essential for human and animal health.


Plants grown on mineralised soil take up and contain minerals. (That's a fact.) Plants take up the minerals, we eat the plants, our bodies take in the minerals because they are bio-available and excrete the ones we don't need on a regular daily basis. This process takes place without anyone giving a second thought to it. We eat minerals from plants, we use minerals in the body, we excrete minerals we don't need. Happens every day... just like that! Simple huh?


If plants didn't contain all the essential bio-available minerals for life, not only would plant eating animals never have established themselves on planet earth, but the human race wouldn't be here either. No minerals = no animals = no humans. Pretty simple formula. So by now you're probably starting to realise why the word essential is associated with minerals... get the idea?


ESSENTIAL MINERALS means just that. At least, that's one point we can all agree on hopefully.... without minerals we wouldn't be here... Period! Perhaps that's the only point everyone can agree on in regard to just how essential ALL the trace mineral elements are. In other words, the tiniest of tiniest amounts of minerals, called trace elements, are they important or not? Do we need them on a daily basis? We hope to enlighten you on this!


Minerals Come From Vegetables and Fruit?

We're told by the nutritional "experts" we get all the minerals and essential trace elements we need from eating a broad selection of vegetables and fruit every day. Well yeah!... But what about all these other "experts" who say we don't get sufficient minerals from the foods we eat? Well we may have got all the minerals and trace elements we needed on a daily basis when we still had some decent organic top soil left that contained all the essential minerals that is! Most of that mineralised soil has gone or is so depleted it isn't funny. If you keep taking minerals out of the soil, surely the soil must run out of some or many of the minerals we need? Yes that is an undisputed fact. Keep taking from the soil without replenishing it with sound farming practices and the soil becomes depleted. There is no doubt this is true and has been recognised


Exploding Mineral Myths

So who's right and who's wrong? Are the soils depleted? Are you getting all the minerals from your local supermarket vegetables and fruit? If not, what should we be doing to ensure we have the right mix of minerals in our diet? Do we supplement or do we just eat the recommended 8 to 10 servings of vegetables/fruit every day to ensure we have adequate mineral intake like we are told to do?


Well I don't know about you, I enjoy my vegetables but eating all those extra serves of vegetables sure doesn't appeal to me. Besides, why take in all those extra calories. Aren't we also told by "experts" we, westerners, are all becoming obese? Yeah well just keep following the so called "experts" and we'll all be obese, suffering with heart disease and metabolic disease, that's if cancer doesn't get us first! Perhaps I'm being too cynical! After all, there are still some slim healthy looking people left. Just look around you at all the healthy looking individuals walking past in the local supermarket pushing their shopping trolleys full of life giving, and such time saving, manufactured prepackaged food! Balanced nutrition straight out of the packet! Great stuff!!!!????


Lets explode some of the mineral myths!


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