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UK and Euro e-lotto Syndicate System

Leverage Your Income

"The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work." - Robert Kiyosaki


Everyone in your syndicate has a share of the winnings when your syndicate wins a prize with our online e-lotto system!

How the e-lotto System Works


The Lotto Home Business Opportunity



“It's a fact that hundreds of millions of people worldwide play their national lotto games every week and this massive group forms the basis of our online lotto system and opportunity”

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“It's a fact that hundreds of millions of people worldwide play their national lotto games every week and this massive group forms the basis of our lotto opportunity”.

“Over the last 16 years I have successfully developed multi-million pound global networks from my home in Worcestershire. The simplicity of this home business is perfect even for very busy people. It has revitalized my faith in value for money, practical and profitable home-based business opportunities.”

“I'm so inspired that I personally introduced 50 people in my first 58 days and currently play in 21 multi-win syndicates FREE. My syndicate has had 170 wins in the last 90 Lotto draws, and my share has given me tax-free winnings of £775.88, which is far, far more than I have won in 8 years playing the National Lotto the conventional way on my own, and I have a very nice cheque which comes in every 4 weeks from the
Rewards program!”’.

1.    With a guaranteed matched number in every draw, matching just two other main numbers drawn guarantees you a share in a prize! Your syndicate will always match at least one number in every draw, even before the numbers come up and guaranteeing that all of the available numbers are covered on one line or another, your syndicate is GUARANTEED to have one line that is looking for just 5 more numbers – AND NOT ALL 6. More Information

The e-lotto company devised and manages the e-lottery system, which offers the following powerful advantages:
bulletEach multi-win syndicate gives you a mathematical winning advantage and comprises all 49 Lotto numbers. These numbers are entered in 44 single line combinations in each Lotto main draw – every Wednesday and Saturday
bulletIn simple terms, that gives your syndicate 88 single line entries a week with a far greater chance of winning any prize! In fact a 702% increased chance of winning the big prize.
bulletWhen playing the UK National Lotto main draw on your own you must match 6 main balls to win the jackpot. However, by playing the multi-win syndicate system you ONLY require 5 balls – Our online lotto system gives your syndicate a huge advantage over an ordinary syndicate or playing Lotto as an individual.
So far, the company has had... (at the time of writing)

572 syndicate successes, which equate to 28028 individual wins in just 117 Lotto draws since the company launched the Online e-lotto System.

That reflects the effectiveness of the unique multi-win syndicate system.

The incentives for joining our e-lotto System are tremendous. But there's a great deal more to this remarkable concept, as you will see when you visit the company web site.

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Our Online e-lotto System gives you

bulletAll the ‘player advantages’ listed above,
bulletFirst class company back up
bulletThe latest Internet Marketing technology
bulletLive genealogy tracking showing up to date business growth
bulletDynamic Follow-up auto responders with pre-installed professionally written emails
bulletOnline Income Statements to track your financial growth
bulletProspecting and Follow-up tools
bulletUnique online step-by-step ‘picture tutorials’ to speed up your learning curve
bulletAccess to "Live" Voice, Text and Page-Push training room
bulletFree Training from respected Internet Marketing Professionals
bulletFree site and software upgrades on an ongoing basis

The list goes on…

In brief, this amazing e-lotto system offers everyone...

  1. Significant opportunity for potential Global INCOME
  2. Vastly improved odds of your syndicate winning a share of the UK National and Euro Lotto prizes
  3. Convenience, simplicity and affordability
  4. A better chance of your syndicate winning a Life Changing amount of money with the UK Lotto

Don't delay - get your application NOW  Watch the Movie

Applications made before 6pm will be entered into that Wednesday or Saturday’s draw.

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