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Dr. Leung’s newest herbal drink containing genuine high-quality ingredients

1. PhytoChi herbal drink

2. All American Yin tonic


include the most authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date reference on natural ingredients and their commercial use.

in the formulation and manufacture of Chinese herbal extracts and blends at Phyto-Technologies, Inc.

Herbal Library
contains holdings of more than 70 Chinese journal titles in subjects related to Chinese herbs, as well as modern chemical, pharmacological and clinical investigations

Dr. Leung is an internationally renowned pharmacognosist with the unique training, experience and knowledge to correctly identify genuine high quality botanical raw materials and extracts.

Welcome to the United Kingdom,  home of EarthPower natural products and publications about herbs and herbal products from Dr. Albert Y. Leung.

Earth Power herbal supplements and other botanical products are sold throughout the United Kingdom to people who value their health and the importance of a high quality of life. Dr Leung takes pride in the corporate integrity of EarthPower, which assures product quality and responsibility to our customers, society and the environment. We are also committed to educating consumers of natural products in order to help them better understand the supplements they use.

Rare is the industry that depends on personal and corporate integrity as much as the dietary supplements industry.  Consumers of dietary and nutritional supplements need assurance that the supplements they buy are made with genuine and high-quality herbal ingredients and are properly manufactured and labelled. From Earth Power, Inc. to our manufacturing facility at Phyto-Technologies, Inc., you have that assurance. We stake our reputation on our products.


Albert Leung, Ph.D.


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