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Probiotic is for life - antibiotics are against life. Latest medical research indicates probiotics are giving remarkable benefits to sufferers of Chrohn's disease and people afflicted with IBS -Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Choose USDA Certified Organic Probiotics for life.

Probiotics are For Life = "Natural Organic Health"

Probiotics are "for life" - whereas antibiotics are "against life". "E-mail to a friend" 

In our modern Western culture we are continually brainwashed to think all bacteria are bad for you. The commercial marketing hype from vested interests repeatedly tells us we need chemicals to kill the bad bugs we are exposed to on a daily basis. We are exhorted to wash our hands with liquid soap laced with triclosan - use laundry powder designed to kill every microbe - to spray chlorine or triclosan on bench surfaces - use anti bacterial floor cleaners - sanitize everything baby is in contact with - use special chemical impregnated boards to prepare our food on... it goes on and on!

It seems everything must be perfectly clean, totally free of ALL bacteria if we are to remain completely healthy and not come down with some life threatening bacterial attack on our immune system. Even our drinking water is treated with chlorine which efficiently kills off any living matter and renders the water "safe". The meat we buy from the butcher is more often than not contaminated with antibiotic residues, growth hormones and numerous other manmade chemicals used to enhance the growth of animals kept in artificial and cramped conditions and fed on an artificial diet of grains and foreign protein. Our vegetables almost without exception, unless they are Certified Organic are contaminated with residues of chemical sprays. Everywhere we turn, it seems, we are collecting chemicals in our bodies and increasing the bodyload we must endure, with who knows what long term consequences.

Chemicals by their very nature are antibiotic... NOT probiotic.

All these factors combine to cause an imbalance in our systems which many Doctors now believe is contributing to, if not actually causing, many of the debilitating diseases of modern times. Illnesses and afflictions such as  Crohn's disease and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and leaky gut disorders are extremely common these days as is asthma and eczema and allergies. All of these common auto-immune disorders can usually be directly linked to a lack of exposure to good "bacteria" and an over exposure to antibiotics during the formative years.

For many people the idea of probiotics seems quite strange and contrary to what they believe to be true. The idea that all bacteria is bad for you has been the accepted 'norm' for a considerable time, reinforced by the media and the hype of marketing. However,  it is a very ill informed doctor or health practitioner who would still subscribe to the idea all bacteria are bad for you. The modern approach by natural health conscious doctors and alternative practitioners is to treat patients with a recognized probiotic formula to re-establish the good gut bacteria which may have been destroyed through the use of antibiotics and manufactured food in the past.

To a large degree, the probiotic contents, good bacteria, of a persons alimentary canal is dependent upon their immune system. Probiotics are an integral part of, and are extraordinarily vital, for the proper functioning of the gut. Without the good bacteria from probiotic activity in the gastrointestinal system the synthesization of B-complex vitamins and the crowding out of yeast infections and parasites is impossible. Probiotics help to regulate and normalize the functioning of the digestive system allowing the proper uptake of minerals and phytonutrients.

Recent medical research has found broad spectrum probiotics are playing a very important role in reversing the progress of Crohn's disease and relieving the symptoms of IBS sufferers and Candida infections.

Choose life - choose CERTIFIED ORGANIC Probiotics



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