Is Stem Cell Nutrition Based on AFA Supplements From Klamath Lake Safe

Stem cell enhancing, stemenhancer, stem cell nutrition as it's called by some peddlers of Blue Green Algae supplements based on AFA from Klamath Lake, may have very toxic side effects from microcystin contamination way beyond what anyone ever considered before.

Independent scientific research confirms alarming levels of the cyanotoxins also called microcystin toxins, are being found in Klamath Lake AFA supplements with monotonous regularity.

Cyanotoxins are toxins produced by bacteria called cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae). Cyanobacteria are found almost everywhere, but particularly in lakes and in the ocean where, under certain eutrophic conditions, they reproduce exponentially to form blooms. Blooming cyanobacteria can produce cyanotoxins in such concentrations they poison and even kill animals and humans.

Cyanotoxins can also accumulate in other animals such as fish and shellfish, and cause poisonings such as shellfish poisoning. Now that science has made a link to Motor Neuron Disease it's important for anyone considering using potentially toxic AFA supplements to do their own due diligence on the safety of the product.

DON'T give any AFA or BGA supplement product to a child or pet without seeing and reading the toxicity test results for the batch number on the supplement you're using.

Don't risk setting yourself (or others) up for MND later in life as has been found by Australian scientists. Read the science here

Microcystin toxin has been found in all 16 samples of A. flos-aquae products sold as food supplements in Germany and Switzerland, originating from Lake Klamath: 10 of 16 samples exceeded the safety value of 1 µg microcystin per gram.

University professor Daniel Dietrich warned parents not to let children consume A. flos-aquae products, since children are even more vulnerable to toxic effects, due to lower body weight, and the continuous intake might lead to accumulation of toxins.

Dietrich also warned against quackery schemes selling these cyanobacteria as medicine against illnesses such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, causing people to omit their regular drugs.

Contaminated blue-green algae can cause liver damage, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, thirst, rapid heartbeat, shock, and death. Don't use any blue-green algae product that hasn't been tested and found free of mycrocystins and other contamination.


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