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Dr Ellie Cannon leads FaceUp2It Panel to boost self-esteem and confidence

– Skin:Genius hosts mental wellbeing and anti-bullying support event
– Talks, Q&A and networking bring support to people living with skin conditions
– In-person and online event – London, Thursday October 6, 2022

Dr Ellie Cannon – GP, broadcaster and health writer – is leading a panel of skincare and mental wellbeing experts at the inaugural FaceUp2It event in London on Thursday October 6th.

This in-person and on-line event is part of the new FaceUp2It campaign created by Julia Vearncombe, co-founder of natural skincare range Skin:Genius. It will bring together experts and those with first-hand experience of anxiety, bullying and/or living with a skin condition to share their insight and expertise. The aim is to raise awareness and bring support to those suffering with mental health issues, anxiety and bullying through having skin conditions. 

“Everyone deserves to be happy in their skin but, here at Skin:Genius, I speak to many people whose skin condition has caused them social and mental health problems,” says Julia. “FaceUp2It seeks to give people the support they need to manage their skin condition and cope with the social pressures that come with that. By bringing together trusted experts and people with first-hand experience of bullying and living with problem skin, we can raise awareness, offer practical help and provide a safe place for people to go and talk.”

Alongside Dr Ellie, the FaceUp2It panel comprises:
– Scott McGlynn – actor, TV presenter and anti-bullying campaigner who has faced bullying due to his skin condition
– Nicola Bonn – beauty expert, radio presenter and podcaster who has learned to manage anxiety caused by her skin problem
– Sallie Berkerey – Managing Director of CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) Professional Beauty Industry Organisation that drives its dynamic growth in the global beauty economy
– Julia Vearncombe – beautician and co-founder of Skin:Genius

The scale of the problem
Skin conditions are a primary cause of bullying, especially among young adults in the UK.  According to the Anti-Bullying Alliance charity:
– 21% of young people have been bullied in the past year
– 55% of young people are bullied about the way they look
– ONLY 25% of people want to be friends with someone with a visible difference

In addition:
– 95% of people between the ages of 11- 30 suffer with some form of acne (Source: NHS)
– Over 1.3 million people suffer with eczema and 1 in 50 people suffer with psoriasis (Source: British Skin Foundation)
– It’s reported that 1 in 10 people have Rosacea (Source:
– Over half of those with skin conditions feel judged by others (Source: British Skin Foundation)

“One of the best things people can do when faced by a problem is to speak up but sometimes it can be hard to know where to turn and who to talk to,” says Dr Ellie Cannon. “FaceUp2It is a great idea as it gives people a platform to share their worries and ask questions in the company of others who are going through a similar experience. Sharing real-life stories and hearing tips from others who truly understand how you feel will bring encouragement and hope. I’m honoured to be on the FaceUp2It panel alongside the other experts and look forward to helping as many people as we can on the evening.”

Joining the Event
– Tickets for the in-person event cost £15.00 and include a goody bag worth £85.00
Buy here
To join the event online, email to receive the log-in details

Find out more
See more about FaceUp2It here: FaceUp2It – Skin:Genius Skincare

Media contact for further information or to attend: / 07787 533143

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