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Homecare service will help London’s elderly attend royal funeral

A specialist care at home company is offering free support to elderly people who wish to witness the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday at Balmoral Castle, aged 96.

HP Homecare, which serves Londoners in need of private nursing and home care, will accompany anyone who is sick or frail to watch the procession from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch.

Michele Jogee, director at HP Homecare, said: “As we mark the passing of the Queen, we know not everyone is in a position to pay their respects due to illness and/or infirmity.

“To commemorate this unique occasion we would like to offer free help to anyone in this position, enabling them to be there in person to pay their respects on Monday. 

HP Homecare has been delivering exceptional, bespoke, private nursing and private care in London homes for more than 25 years, and is ensuring registered nurses and carers are available on the day.

The late monarch’s funeral will begin at 11am on Monday. 

Billions of people are expected to watch the funeral on television, not to mention the members of the public who will be lining The Mall.

There will be up to 2,000 invited attendees at the funeral, which will be held at Westminster Abbey.

Monday has been declared a bank holiday by King Charles III.

Anyone who would like to register support for a sick or elderly person to attend the service, can go to: and the homecare service will be in touch.

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