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Trendy Themes: Unique Decoration Ideas for a 21st Birthday Bash

Are you turning 21? Or is the apple of your eyes turning 21? This milestone calls for a grand celebration that is unique and memorable. The age of 21 signifies a lot of things like us being considered adults now. This once-in-a-lifetime event deserves a trendy-themed party with unique decorations and all the possible bells & whistles. Here are some creative ideas for theme and decor for inspiration.

Glamorous Hollywood Night

A Hollywood-themed party can make any celebration a rocking one. Make sure to turn your venue into a glamorous red carpet-affair. At the entrance, have some photographers acting as paparazzi with cameras and mics or set up a photo booth with props like oversized sunglasses, feather boas, clapboards and more. The colour theme could be gold and black or black and white for decor items like balloons, tablecloths, and steamers for that added touch of elegance. You can have centrepieces in the form of Oscar statuettes or a dummy film camera with gold-sequin table runners. 

  Tropical Luau

If you and your loved ones love the beachy vibe then having a tropical luau-themed party would be a great idea. Choose bright vibrant colours like hot pink, sunny yellow, turquoise, and orange, and have props like Tiki torches, palm leaves and hibiscus flowers to set the scene. You can have leis for your guests and set up a tiki bar serving tropical drinks. A Hawaiian BBQ with drinks in coconut cups or tiki mugs could complete the final look and feel of your party. Adding a few inflatable palm trees and surfboards would be a bonus.

1920s Great Gatsby

If you are someone who loves retro themes, then going back to the roaring ‘20s Great Gatsby theme would be the best theme for you.  To up the sophistication and chic decor go for a black, gold and white colour palette. Let your guests know in advance to dress in their best flapper dresses and tuxedos. Hiring a Jazz band would help you get the ambience just right. Set up a bar serving classing cocktails like martinis and gin fizzes. For the decor, you can opt for an art-deco inspired theme!

Carnival Extravaganza

Turn a birthday party into a carnival with a carnival theme. Choose bright bold colours like greens, reds and yellows and keep the decor bold. You can set up game booths with games like ring toss, balloon dart throw, bingo and more. Have a popcorn machine, cotton candy maker, a hot dog stand and more such carnival special food. Go all out with a striped tent, carnival signs, lots of balloons, maybe a fortune teller, face painter, magician and all that you want to entertain your guests. 

Bohemian Dream

A bohemian theme is for someone who wants a more relaxed vibe. Party decorations can be in soft pastel shades of blue, lavender and sage green. You can have props like macrame, dreamcatchers, and fairy lights. Keep the seating on the floor with floor cushions, rugs, and soft yellow lights. It has to be a cosy inviting atmosphere. For the table go for a vintage vibe with glassware, mismatched plates and cutlery. Instead of store-bought flowers go for wild-picked flowers and foliage. A boho-themed party must have a fire pit and acoustic guitarist to set the mood. 

Neon Glow Party

Neon neon-themed parties are a great way to announce to the world that you are ready! Think of neon colours like hot pink, electric blue and lime green for decoration. Make sure to have black lights for the neon tones to pop. You can provide the guests with glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark bracelets and face paints. Have neon balloons, LED lights and glow-in-the-dark tableware to complete the look and feel of the party. A must for neon themed party is a DJ belting out upbeat tracks that are high on energy all night You can also arrange for a UV photo booth where guests can take glowing photos 

Rustic Chic

A rustic theme where you present a village fete could be the best way to invite guests for some old-world charm. Decorate your venue with natural elements like wood, burlap and lace. Mason jars with fairy lights and candles with flowers could be the centrepiece. Wooden signs, chalkboards, and vintage crates for food and drinks in old wooden mugs would be ideal. This is an outdoor party theme, an ideal set-up in the garden or a barn. The food menu includes pies, BBQ and lemonade. 

Retro 80s Party

A retro-themed party can be a great throwback to the 1980s for you and your friends to relive and enjoy.  Party decorations with bright bold colours like yellow and green must be everywhere. You can use movie posters and band posters instead of streamers to decorate the walls. Have a record player with vinyl records as a centrepiece and make sure it plays some music too! Set up an arcade game corner or a jukebox to add to the 80s vibe. Keep the dress code 80s-inspired too. Play a mix of pop and rock music from that era.

Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland setup could be just what you want your theme to be. Have a white silver and blue colour scheme with fake snow, icicle lights and snowflakes. Use an ice sculpture as the main attraction with a white floral arrangement. Make sure to serve winter special food and drinks. A cosy vibe with a fireplace, fluffy blankets and large cushions will complete the look. 

Enchanted Forest

A mystical magical forest-themed party can be enchanting and all that you want for your party too. Having it in an actual forest might be the best idea. Decorate your spot with twinkling fairy lights and woodland creatures could be your main decor items. Think of getting fake moss-covered tables, tree stumps seats and lanterns to get that mystical vibes. Floral garlands and candles will add to the feel too. Hire a storyteller to share fairy tales, encourage your guests to share their stories or play games around the bonfire. 


Whatever theme you choose, make sure to add your personal touch as it is your 21st birthday bash! The decoration and elements must reflect your personality and style. There are many more themes to choose from like your favourite movie, series or book theme. Just make sure to create memories that will last a lifetime for you and your guests. 

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