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At-Home Laser Hair Removal vs. Professional

Hair removal is the most difficult beauty and spa method because hairs are made up of protein strands called keratin and they grow from time to time. Therefore if you remove them today they will grow again tomorrow.

You may have tried several methods such as hair removal creams, razors, epilators, and waxing but you are not happy with them. No need to worry, here you will be introduced to two new techniques for hair removal that give you permanent results. Both are based on laser light but one is being done at home and the other in the saloon by professionals.

What Suits you At Home Laser or Professional:

Well, it’s your personal choice whether you want to have hair removal at home with your IPL device or you want to go to a salon or clinic to get hair removal laser sessions under professionals’ supervision.

It all depends on if;

·         Any salon is near to you or not,

·         Do you have time to visit the saloon,

·         Do you want to spend your earned money at once to purchase an IPL device or want to pay in episodes to saloon,

·         Your skin tone,

·         Texture, colour, and thickness of hairs and

·         Your comfortability.

Besides that, several other factors can help you to decide on the laser treatment you need.

Benefits of At-Home Laser:

Do you know how an at-home laser for hair removal can be helpful for you? Let’s have a look!

·         It is ideal for small areas for hair removal

·         It is a good fit if you can’t move to saloon

·         You don’t feel embarrassment

·         It has less cost

·         It is convenient and personal.

Do you like to remove hairs from your body at home without moving one step out, with no one interfering with your zone, and pocket-friendly? Then you should purchase your IPL device and start using it but one minute, please read a few drawbacks of at-home laser hair removal.

Drawbacks of At-Home Hair Removal:

If you have a busy life routine and you have limited leisure time then you can do laser at home to get an edge but keep in mind a few disadvantages of laser at home. These are the following;

·         It is difficult to stick to a strict schedule for laser sessions for optimum results

·         It requires continuous motivation to continuously do the laser every 3 weeks

·         The intensity of laser light at home devices is less than the professional laser machines

·         At-home laser devices can cover a limited area, limited range of skin tones, and limited hair texture and thickness

·         You are not a professional in this field therefore it takes longer to do one session at home.

But in this case, if you are exempt above all scenarios then at-home laser therapy is best for you.

Professional Laser Hair Treatment:

Professional laser treatment is carried out at a laser clinic set up under the control of professional trainers. They take care of the intensity of laser light according to skin tone and hair colour. There are experienced staff and reputable setups to serve the clients.

You can visit any Article on IPL hair removal on different websites to check the differences in the result whether IPL is carried out at home or in a professional setting. You can also read the pros and cons of professional laser hair removal treatment before proceeding toward your choice;

Advantages of Professional Laser Treatment:

At the saloon and clinic, you will enjoy the following perks of laser treatment:

·         Expert personnel are doing the treatment

·         You will get quick results

·         Safety measures are taken by skilled workers

·         Professional laser machines have powerful and up-to-date technology

·         Professional laser treatment is suitable for almost all types of hair and skin types.

It has been seen that hair growth slows down and it becomes visible in just a few sessions if it is done through a professional laser treatment setting.

Disadvantages of Professional Laser Treatment:

Every treatment has some positive and negative aspects, likewise, laser hair removal treatment has also some side effects such as;

·         It can be heavy on your pocket because you need some top-ups from time to time to get the best results.

·         In a busy life routine, it becomes difficult to schedule the sessions and visit saloons or clinics.

·         It is bothersome to get laser treatment from some areas of the body because professional experts are strangers.

Professional and at-home laser hair treatments are the best way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. At-home laser treatment is good for small areas and lighter skin tones while professional laser therapy is a good fit for all skin types with up-to-date technology although it is costly.

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