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Build back bone after osteoporosis diagnosis

As World Osteoporosis Day (October 20, 2022) – raises much-needed awareness around this devastating disease, it’s important to realise that, whatever your age, you can build back strong, flexible bone tissue given the right nutrition.

bonebalance™ is a 100% natural Food For Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) approved for the dietary management of osteopenia and osteoporosis.  It’s available without prescription.

bonebalance™ comprises high-quality Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that are clinically proven to help form bone matrix – the tissue that gives bones tensile strength and flexibility so they can absorb impact and resist breaking.bonebalance™ has been optimized to be highly absorbed into bone tissue where it stimulates the body’s bone building cells. Independent studies show it starts working within six days (as shown by the markers alkaline phosphatase, decorin and elastin all rising significantly after this time). 

100% natural – no side-effects

bonebalance™ has no side-effects or contraindications. Presented as a flavourless powder that dissolves easily in water, juice or hot drinks, it’s also very easy to take.  Once 5g sachet at day is all you need to boost your bone health.

Benefits of bonebalance™:
– Stimulation of bone building cells (osteoblasts)
– Reduction of bone breakdown cells (osteoclasts)
– Improved bone matrix
– Increased bone mineral density
– No side-effects
– No contraindications

Clinically significant results

FORTIBONE® – the one and only ingredient of bonebalance™ – brings bone density improvements that are clinically significant and compare favourably with prescription drugs. After taking FORTIBONE® for four years, participants in the trial showed a 9.99% relative improvement in bone mineral density in their spine and 11.91% relative improvement in their hip.

These are the findings of the Konig 2021 paper(1) following a three-year study period and itself a follow-up to the Konig 2018 paper(2)which followed a one-year study period.

The Konig 2021 paper based its findings on postmenopausal women diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia who had taken FORTIBONE® (available as bonebalance™ in the UK) for four years.  Its overall conclusion was: ‘Although further research is needed, specific bioactive collagen peptides (FORTIBONE®) could offer an innovative therapeutic approach for a long-term osteoporosis treatment with good tolerability without the potential side effects of some forms of drug treatment.’

Buying bonebalance

bonebalance™ costs £39.99 for one month’s supply/30 sachets from

(1)   The Konig 2021 paper can be seen here
(2)   The Konig 2018 paper can be seen here

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