Monday, July 22, 2024

Asia MD Launches Inaugural Patient Experience Survey to Improve Patient Experience

Asia MD today announced the launch of its Patient Experience Survey with the key objective of improving patient experience in medical facilities based in Asia.

Through the Patient Experience Survey project, Asia MD aims to bridge the service gaps between patients and medical professionals by supporting medical institutions to enhance their quality improvement projects in healthcare service delivery.

As one of the basic building blocks of healthcare quality, patient experience includes the delivery of a range of components that patients value highly when receiving quality health care services: patient safety, timely appointments, easy access to information, and good communication with health care providers.

The patient-centred survey is free to anyone who wishes to provide feedback on their recent clinic or hospital visit in Singapore.

About Asia MD Pte Ltd

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To provide verified medical information and help patients find the best medical care.
Our Vision: Why do we start this?

We don’t want fake medical news. When we have pain or health discomfort, we want accurate medical information to solve our problems. And we want them immediately! More importantly, we want to see the best medical doctor to give correct diagnosis and treatment.

Supported by top medical doctors and medical specialists in providing accurate medical information, Asia MD strives to empower you with sources of verified medical information to help you arrive at the best possible outcomes.

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