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Bloomcare Rehabilitation Services

Bloomcare’s rehabilitation services centre around helping people to give up drink and drugs completely, enabling them to remain abstinent so they can enjoy a much improved quality of life.

Bloomcare achieves this through its assessment, detoxification and treatment process, providing extensive aftercare to ensure clients stay on track. Bloomcare helps residents who have had problems with benzodiazepines, opiates, alcohol and other substances that can result in physical and psychological dependence. The organisation is happy to work with individuals with a dual diagnosis who are already taking medication, provided that they are able to engage with group therapy.

Bloomcare also provides dementia care, setting a standard for specialist memory care and offering convenient on-site amenities. Bloomcare is proud to offer a comprehensive range of life-enrichment programs, personalised services and resident-centred care in an access-controlled, professionally managed, intimate home setting.

The most important aspect of dementia care is understanding that dementia is not merely a routine part of the aging process. Neither does it just mean one thing. Rather, ‘dementia’ is an umbrella term used to describe a group of symptoms that culminate in progressive damage to the brain’s nerve cells. Dementia can have a variety of causes, but all of them need to be addressed with appropriate care.

The most common form of dementia today is Alzheimer’s disease, with many individuals being diagnosed with a combination of Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. All of Bloomcare’s ideals, routines and practices are geared toward providing effective care for residents with Alzheimer’s, helping to build trusting, compassionate relationships and familiarity with the biographies of individual residents, with staff getting to know their unique life stories and personalities. These are, after all, the very foundations of effective dementia care, providing a route back to a better, more stimulating and fulfilling way of life both for residents and the loved ones sharing their journey with them.

Bloomcare’s approach to nursing is underpinned by the overriding approach to care that is central to all of the workings of the Bloomcare family. Bespoke care packages and personalised care plans are essential to ensure that each and every resident is treated with the dignity, integrity and respect they deserve, whilst reinforcing their independence so far as practicable. With a qualified expert nursing team on hand around the clock, whether the resident has physical disabilities, particular feeding requirements or is in need of intensive rehabilitative care, Bloomcare’s dedicated team is there to provide all of the care, support and companionship they require.

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