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How much does it cost to see a private medical consultant in the UK?

Consumer information website myTribe shares the current cost of seeing 15 different types of medical consultants up and down the country.

On the backdrop of lengthy waiting times via the NHS for treatment and specialist consultations, the inevitable question on people’s minds is, “how much would it cost to be seen privately?”. Following the substantial interest from their research into the cost of private surgery earlier this year, myTribe has surveyed close to 600 private consultants across the UK to provide a comprehensive view of the current cost to go private following a GP referral.

See the findings in full here:

Overall findings of the research:
– The average cost to see a private medical consultant for an initial consultation is £195.
– The average cost for follow-up appointments is £130.
– It costs on average 27% more to see a medical consultant in London compared to the rest of the UK.
– Physiotherapists are the least expensive consultants, with an average initial consultation of £67.
– Psychiatrists are the most expensive consultants, with an average initial consultation costing £300 (50% above average).
– Northern Ireland was the most affordable region, with initial consultations costing £150 (25% less than the rest of the UK).
– Newcastle was the most affordable location in England, with initial consultations costing £170.

Mental health-related findings:
– Psychiatrists in London charge 45% more than the rest of the UK. (£400 compared to £275).
– Psychologists in London charge 37% more than the rest of the UK (£100 compared to £73).

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