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Non Surgial Nose Job FAQs

You may be aware of liquid rhinoplasty or any of its various names, including non-surgical rhinoplasty, liquid nose job, and non-surgical nose job. What this treatment entails and how long the effects persist are both covered in these FAQs. Therefore, you’ll quickly learn everything you need to know!

What is a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

The non-surgical nose job is one procedure that has skyrocketed in popularity among both men and women in recent years. Dermal filler is injected into particular parts of the nose during this procedure to smooth out bumps, accentuate the tip, or make the nose appear less bulbous.

How does a non-surgial nose job work?

During a non-surgical nose job, a small needle and dermal filler—typically hyaluronic acid fillers—are injected into specific areas of the nose. Since there is less chance of unintentionally striking an artery, the bridge of the nose is frequently the focus of the injections. Your doctor will massage the nose in between injections, adjusting the filler until the correct shape is obtained.

What are the benefits of a Non-surgical nose job?

There are a number of benefits of the non surgical rhinoplasty technique such as:

  • A lot less risk
  • Less down time
  • No need for a general anaesthetic and time off work to recover
  • Fewer side effects
  • Minimal bruising
  • Similar results
  • Much more affordable
  • Its reversible

Unlike a surgical nose job, this method is reversible. Although results are relatively long lasting, they are not permanent.

What is a non surgical nose job good for?

There are many different things that are non surgical nose job is good for, if you are looking to improve any of these things then it might be worth with considering a non surgical nose job.

  • Lift the tip of the nose
  • Smooth out bumps along the nose
  • Add volume to the nose
  • Make the tip more prominent
  • Straighten the appearance of a crooked nose
  • Give more height and definition of the nose
  • Fix minor rhinoplasty imperfections

Is a non surgical nose job safe?

The danger of a non-surgical nose job is significantly lower than that of a surgical one, but it is important to note that, as with other non-surgical procedures, only a highly skilled and experienced aesthetic practitioner should carry out such treatments. You should not trust anyone who is not a healthcare professional with extensive procedural training with the vascular structure of your face.

At Dr Hennessy Aesthetics all non-surgical procedures are carried out personally by Dr Stephen Hennessy BDS and Sarah Hills who are both cosmetics facial rejuvenation specialists.

How long do the results last for?

Although each person’s filler metabolism is different, results from liquid rhinoplasty typically last 6 to 18 months when hyaluronic acid-based fillers are injected. You then have the option to repeat the procedure at this point if you feel that you need to have a top up.

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