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10 Tips For Choosing Plus Sized Clothes Women

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to look beautiful and stylish. For more than a decade, trim beauties have been looking at us from TV screens and glossy pages of fashion magazines. Slenderness, often bordering on thinness, is now in vogue. The entire fashion industry, with rare exceptions, works for skinny people.

Ideal for a full woman are semi-adjacent or straight-cut models that emphasize the smooth curves of the figure. For those who want to hide a protruding tummy, pay attention to trapezoidal models, that is, skirts, dresses that slightly expand towards the bottom or trousers that flare at the lower leg.

NO: tight-fitting clothing that will draw undue attention to problem areas. Models of a free cut, which often look like something shapeless and add extra pounds to you. The same can be said about things narrowed to the bottom, which visually increase the hips.

50/50: Clothing with cut-off lines running down the hips or waist, as they visually separate the figure, slightly increasing its width.

Ideal for dark fabrics. But, this does not mean that it is always necessary to wrap yourself in black! There are many other colors that will suit you perfectly: brown, deep burgundy, dark gray, purple, blue. NO: light, warm colors – white, beige, pink. Solid, bright colors – orange, salad, turquoise. Clothing of this color visually enlarges the figure.

 50/50: You don’t always have to match clothes in the same color. It is necessary to combine colors based on the features of the figure. So, full hips and belly can be torn off with dark-colored clothes, and beautiful chest and shoulders can be emphasized in a light tone. A dress or blouse with a dark bottom and a light bodice will look good. Curvy women should pay attention to dark skirts, trousers, and shirts and blouses can be chosen for them in a different color, focusing on the cut and length suitable for the figure. When choosing a suit, it is better to give preference to a monophonic ensemble.

Overweight women should wear high heels for evening dresses. Plus Size Evening Dresses and such shoes create the illusion of long legs, and if you match them with trousers that match in color, then a full woman is able to win the hearts of many men. Especially if the dignity of the figure is emphasized with the help of fashionable women’s accessories. For example, long beads and necklaces ending at the waist will leave no doubt that your figure is unusually slim and damn attractive.

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