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Top Cities to Visit when you visit Egypt

Egypt is a prominent traveller destination in Africa, it has a totally lengthy history and top notch civilization.

This civilization yielded a big quantity of monuments, which might be now considered the spine of tourism in Egypt.

Except, Egypt has many other visitor appeal factors consisting of beaches, the Nile river, diving places, oases, and inns.

So if you are interested in Egypt vacation, you need to realize extra about the main tourist cities there.


Cairo is the capital of Egypt, it’s far a massive city placed near the mouth of the Nile delta. 

The town of cairo turned into built at some point of the fatimid length, on the site of the historical metropolis of “iwnu” and near the historical memphis.

Cairo has many attractions that make it an important visitor vacation spot in Egypt, for instance:

●          the grand Egyptian museum

●          the fortress of saladin.

●          the mosque of mohammed ali.

●          the two contrary mosques of sultan hassan and el-refai.

●          the hanging church of the virgin mary.

●          mosque of ahmed ibn tulun.

Beside that, the bazaar of “khan al-khalili” should be part of your excursion, it’s miles an real marketplace where you can find a massive kind of conventional products.

Also, in no way omit visiting “muizz road”, it’s miles a ancient area wherein each inch bears strains from the past.

It incorporates many old mosques together with instructional buildings called “madrasas”.

For more leisure, the Nile cruise in cairo is incredibly advocated, it lasts for a few hours and commonly includes lunch or dinner as well as some amusement shows.


Near cairo lies the town of “giza” wherein you can see the maximum well-known Egyptian monument “the giza pyramids” and the sphinx.

Saqqara is also a famous ancient website in giza, in which you can find the first whole pyramid constructed in historical Egypt, “the step pyramid of king djoser”.

There also are many character tombs in giza, they’ve very giant documentation of regular lifestyles in ancient Egypt for the reason that numerous scenes from daily life decorate the walls of the tombs.


Alexandria is called the bride of the mediterranean, it’s miles positioned within the north of Egypt at the coast of the mediterranean sea.

It changed into constructed by means of alexander the outstanding after conquering Egypt in 331 bc.  

In alexandria, you can revel in swimming on its awesome beaches, travelling monuments, and taking part in a scrumptious meal near the ocean.

The principle attractions in alexandria consist of:

●          the fortress of qaitbay.

●          the catacomb of kom el-shoqafa.

●          the pompey’s pillar and the serapeum.

●          the roman theater in kom el-dikka.

●          the vintage mosque of abu el-abbas el-mursi.

Also, by no means miss seeing the new library of alexandria, which become constructed within the identical location because the historic library.

In the library, there are massive studying halls with a big quantity of books, in addition to museums and art exhibitions.


The metropolis of luxor is placed in top Egypt, it is one of the maximum crucial locations in Egypt.

Luxor became as soon as the capital of historic Egypt in the course of the brand new nation, and it changed into called “thebes”.

It’s far to be referred to that luxor has a 3rd of the entire international’s monuments, so it’s far a need to-go to metropolis at some stage in your holiday.

The maximum extraordinary monuments there are:

●          the complicated of the temples of karnak.

●          the temple of luxor.

●          hatshepsut’s mortuary temple at deir el-bahari.

●          royal tombs in the valley of the kings.

●          the mortuary temple of ramses ii, that is known as the “ramseum”.

Also, you can see luxor’s museum and the museum of mummification.

Moreover, there are different pleasant activities in luxor like the hot-air balloon rides, sound and light display in karnak, and the Nile cruise.

The Nile river cruise is one of the most interesting things you can do in Egypt.

You can love to do a short Nile cruise with the aid of the traditional boat “felucca”, which lasts for only a few hours.

To spend greater time at the heart of the Nile river, you may do a protracted Nile cruise in a luxurious floating hotel which can ultimate for 5 days or extra.


Aswan lies in higher Egypt south of luxor, usually, most excursions encompass traveling luxor and aswan in one package.

It has magnificent nature and a peaceful ecosystem wherein you could revel in a relaxed and enjoyable time.

The temple of abu simbel is the most famous region there, it’s miles a huge rock-reduce temple constructed via king ramses ii.

This temple become one of the rescued nubian monuments after constructing the excessive dam.

When you have a Nile cruise in the lake of nasser behind the high dam, you will be able to see most of these nubian monuments.

Sharm el-sheikh

Sharm el-sheikh is one among Egypt’s maximum prominent traveller towns.

It’s miles the most important town within the governorate of south sinai, which is positioned on the red beach.

It has incredible seashores with crystal water and rich underwater lifestyles.

So sharm el-sheikh is very well-known for its underwater sports, scuba diving is the maximum thrilling one.

Divers from the complete international come to it to experience diving and to see the special species of sea creatures, and the colourful coral reefs.

In addition, you could do a non-public cruise on the ocean to loosen up, snorkel and spot dolphins.

In case you need to look underwater existence with out diving, the glass boat excursion could be a super desire for you.

For purchasing, a visit to the vintage marketplace and the soho rectangular is recommended, where you should buy first-class items and souvenirs.


Hurghada turned into as soon as a small fishing city at the western coast of the purple sea, however it’s far now considered one of the fundamental traveller inns in Egypt.

It’s far placed within the governorate of the crimson sea, and it’s far the maximum crucial town there.

Like sharm el-sheikh, hurghada is likewise recognized for its seashores and diving facilities.

Furthermore, a safari tour is a completely thrilling interest to do there.


It is an oasis within the west of Egypt that may be considered its major herbal restoration spot.

It’s miles known for the new springs with mineral water, which is thought to be a natural therapy for plenty sicknesses.

Cleopatra’s bath is the most popular herbal spring there, its call refers to the notion that queen cleopatra become swimming in it.

Also, warm sand baths and swimming in salt lakes are different forms of herbal remedy in siwa.

In addition to these natural attractions, siwa incorporates many historic monuments and castles.

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